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The Levelland Landing and Sheriff Weir Clem

many of you know, I have long thought that the Levelland sightings of November
2/3, 1957, are among the best. There are multiple witnesses in multiple
locations who reported their cars stopped and their lights dimmed at the close
approach of a glowing red (and sometimes blue) egg-shaped craft.
Don Burleson, who lives in Roswell which is not all that far from Levelland
(which is near Lubbock), made a personal trip there. While he was unable to
interview Sheriff Weir Clem, who had died, he did speak to the daughter.
According to an article in the Roswell Daily Record,
by the Chamber of Commerce, we [meaning Burleson and his wife Mollie] were able
to find one of the late sheriff’s daughters and I interviewed her twice.”
Levelland, Texas. Photo copyright by Kevin Randle
According to Burleson, “She [Ginger (Clem)
Sims] described her father having tried to drive close to an airborne object,
and having his engine and lights die.”
That, of course, put him in conflict with
what had been reported by the Air Force in 1957. The story was that he had only
seen something in the distance, described as a streak of red light. The Blue
Book files suggest that it was too far away from him, and those with him,
including police officers in another car, to have seen anything important.
But if his motor died and his lights
dimmed, he was much closer to the object than had been reported by the Air
Force. If he was close enough to the object that it would stall his engine, he
was close enough to get a good look at it. And if Clem was that close, so were
the policemen in the car following behind. How would the Air Force explain four
law enforcement officers confirming the stories that were being told by so many
others about their Close Encounters?
Site of the first reported encounter in 1957. Photo
copyright by Kevin Randle.
The real question is if Clem was so
involved in this in 1957, why didn’t he say anything at the time. Again, according
to Burleson and to Clem’s daughter, “The Air Force visited him after his
sighting(s) and advised him to ‘drop it’ and forget that he had ever seen
Such a request by the military is not
unprecedented in UFO history. Sheriff George Wilcox of Roswell fame said much
the same thing. He told reporters that he was working with the boys out at the
air base and their questions should be directed to them. Wilcox offered nothing
of value to the reporters who interviewed him.
There are other examples as well, though
some were grounded in protecting classified information. A request to law
enforcement not to reveal details of a sighting to the media seem to have been
routine. To be fair, sometimes it was just to protect the witness. Lonnie Zamora
was told by an FBI agent that he should keep the descriptions of the beings he
saw to himself. Arthur Byrnes thought it would save Zamora some embarrassment,
but by the time the suggestion was made it was too late. The information had
already been reported.
So, we come back to the Levelland story,
told by Clem’s daughter, that her father had gotten closer than had been
reported. Skeptics will point out that the official records in 1957 showed that
Clem was only reported to have seen the object, or lights, in the distance,
some 900 feet away and they’ll reject, out of hand this new information. It is,
after all, from the sheriff’s daughter, a second-hand witness, and was told
nearly fifty years after the fact. In today’s world, it is interesting, but it
is believed there is no way to verify any of it.
Ironically however, there was some
corroboration for this tale that was provided in 1957 and was found in the Project
Blue Book file. An article published in the Indianapolis Star on
November 4, 1957, seemed to confirm the daughter’s claim. According to that
article, “’It [the UFO] lit up the whole pavement in front of us for about two
seconds,’ said Clem. He called it oval shaped and said it looked like a
brilliant red sunset.”
Yes, I know what the response from the
skeptics will be. It’s just a newspaper article and not part of an official
investigation. To them I say, “It is a claim that was published within 48 hours
of the initial reports, and it does add some weight to what the daughter told
Burleson.” It is some confirmation but each one of us is going to have to
decide how much weight to give it.
Just as has been said about the Socorro
landing… “If only…” If only the Air Force had been interested in gathering
data. If only Donald Keyhoe’s mission hadn’t been to force congressional
hearing, but to gather data. If only there had been cooperation rather than
acrimony, what might we have learned.


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