Pilot Reports Strange Flying Silver Sphere | UFO CHRONICLE –1949

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Pilot Reports Strange Flying Silver Sphere - The Honolulu Advertiser 12-30-1949

     Former Air Force pilot, Phillip Gibbons said today a strangely-flying sphere gave him the slip when he took off in a light plane to look it over.
By The Honolulu Advertiser

Gibbons said the object was pointed out to him at the airport by two men who drove out from town.

“When I first saw it, it was at an altitude of 3000 or 4000 feet and appeared to be standing perfectly still,” Gibbons said. “It looked like a bright aluminum ball.


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I was never much for UFO stories until I started to see strange stuff 2002 on the midnight starry sky! Together with my partner we stood out in the lonely woods and glared out in to the universe. We were admiring the stars. Then all of a sudden, the biggest star in a classical star formation, just ran across the night sky and just behind 4 more stars followed. I thought they ran fast to begin with, just to accelerate! After this, weird things started to happen. Before this, hunting for UFOs hadn't even crossed my mind!

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