Curse of Oak Island – Dan Blankenship Has Died

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There is sad news for those of us who watch Curse of Oak Island.
Dan Blankenship, the man who inspired so many treasure hunters and who was the “go
to” guy when the Laginas had questions, has died. He was 95.
Dan Blankenship
I had wondered where he was this season and was delighted when he
showed up in that golf cart recently. He had a chance to see what the Laginas
had found in Smith’s Cove, and see some of his work validated, in a sense. But
unlike seasons passed, the Laginas were not showing up at his house and he was
missing from the War Room as they discussed their next assault on the island.
Dan lived on the island since 1965, and he and a partner owned a
great deal of it until recently. He always seemed excited by what was happening
and certainly played a role in this latest attempt to find the treasure.
Notice of his death was posted on Facebook with a tribute to him.
It said, in part, “A true Oak Island legend, Dan was a respected and admired
man. His perseverance, ingenuity and passion inspired all.”


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