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My UFO experience.

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So this one evening, my dad came to pick me up from the airport. We live out in the countryside so the drive is about an hour or so to get home. The sun is setting and there are scattered clouds but not overcast. In the sideview mirror I see a white, strobing light in the sky. Dad asks, "holy shit, do you see that?" "Yeah that's weird, it looks like its following us." "No, that over there." He points to the northeast. I shift my gaze to where he's pointing and it's a column of red light. We try to figure out which town is over that way but no avail. We try to brush it off.

We get home about 20 minutes later. The clear night sky has taken a turn and the wind is howling. Storms like that have always made me uneasy. I turn on the radio to try and calm myself down. The radio was tuned to George Norrie Coast to Coast and his special feature that evening was "strange lights over Calgary and North Dakota." Suffice to say I turned it off quickly. I had to go to the bathroom and the only way to get there was through my dad's room and he has the window open. The room is dark and empty. I look out the window and notice the wind has died down, the trees weren't even swaying. I look out and feel relieved that it's over. Then. Leaves crunch as if they had been stepped on. I jump back from the window and go back out into the living room.

I don't know what drew me to the front door but I found myself there, hand on the knob, turning it and stepping onto the porch. The wind picks up suddenly and a mist is blown into my face. The wind dies back down immediately and the night returns to feeling normal.

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