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2 Bright Lights, Close Together, Not Moving.

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Location of Sighting: Welland, Ontario, Canada
Date of Sighting: October 13, 2018
Time of Sighting: 8:15 PM EDT

Description: We were driving West on Weber Road around 8:15 at night. We saw two lights in the sky that were not moving. When we first saw them we initially thought they were stars. As a car came at us with it’s lights on and we couldn’t see them for a minute. They disappeared because after the car passed we couldn’t see them anymore. At first we thought maybe they went behind clouds, but then as we looked around at the rest of the sky, we could see other stars. They were definitely not planes. They were not blinking and they were quite close together and seemingly not moving.Note to Commenters: If you are reporting a sighting, be sure to include the location (city, state, country), date and time of your sighting. Be detailed in your description. You may also use our report form to report your sighting. Comments will be published if they are in “good taste” and not inflammatory.www.ufosnw.com/newsite/2-bright-lights-close-together-not-moving/


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