What do you think of evil aliens and their possible agenda?

Posted On By skvaller
Is anyone else kind of nervous about evil aliens? I know if you can’t do anything about it then you shouldn’t care but it creeps me out.

I am not talking about Independence Day kind of attack either. I am scared that they already came and conquered us and erased our memories making us dumber then we were.

I just read a theory that we were highly advanced but some evil aliens came along and took us over and they needed us for something so now we are here, free but not free… It is like we are at the whims of a mad man. The mad man being the aliens.

What could they want from us if that is true…

I know I sound stupid being nervous about it but I have a active imagination and I imagine the good,the bad,and the scary.

Plus I kind of enjoy it so if you have other wacked out theories about evil aliens then please tell me, I’m interested. What nutty stuff have you heard over the years… google has only so much.



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