Object With 3 Beams of Light Trailing Behind It.

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Location of Sighting: Glendale, Arizona
Date of Sighting: October 7, 2018
Time of Sighting: 7:30 PM MST

Description: It’s rays were like the sun shining through a hole in the clouds, but, there was no sun, no moon, and no clouds. Shortly after it appeared to be going south, with 3 beams of light trailing behind it. That’s where the video picks up. It then faded out of sight. That is when I noticed there were no clouds in the area that I had just seen this light.

Note: The witness did not send the video, but did send the photo. (See above.) The witness saw the flight of a Falcon 9 rocket launched by SpaceX. News release of the launch follows:

A SpaceX reusable Falcon 9 rocket was successfully relanded yesterday evening, after illuminating the skies above California.

The rocket took off from the Vandenberg Air Force Base, northwest of Los Angeles, at 7:21 PM local time (3:21 AM UK time), Bloomberg reports. The main booster stage then returned and touch back down at the launch site eight minutes later.

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