Light Orbs

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I want to start off this story by saying this is 100% true, because I don’t lie. This sighting happened I think the summer of 2011. I think it was when I was 12 and going into 7th grade. I was in Girl Scouts and we planned a trip to go to Laurel Caverns in Pennsylvania for cave exploring. They have a campground there and we stayed there over night. That night we planned to camp in our tents but it started to get very windy and thunderstorm, so the parents took us girls to sleep in our cars for the night. I remember being uncomfortable in our Cadillac because my mom had it packed with supplies. I was sitting in the front seat with my mom and my sister was in the back seat. I don’t know how late it was or how long the storm lasted, but my mom and I were still awake after the storm had passed. That’s when the orbs came. There were two of them, one was bigger than the other and they were roughly the size of basketballs. They floated past our car about 5 ft above the ground or so, one following after the other, coming from behind and floated past the drivers side until they either floated out of view or dissipated. It’s been so long I can’t remember. I did some research after I got home from the trip and I figured it was probably ball lighting. I’m not sure that the orbs were, though. From what I’ve read, ball lightning doesn’t usually come in pairs. They were white like ball lighting, but I remember them having an either yellow or green hue to them. Also, from what I’ve read, the balls will eventually explode, but these orbs didn’t. I can’t remember where they went or if they disappeared, but I do know they didn’t hit anything and they especially didn’t explode. The only other witness to this event was my mom, and I’m not sure if my sister saw but she definitely doesn’t remember. I’m not sure why my mom didn’t take a picture. Maybe she didn’t have her camera around or she couldn’t get it ready in time. I didn’t have any kind of camera, I was 12 and it was 2011, kids in my town at the most had an iPod Touch. There’s no proof to my story, but it’s been a strange memory from 7 years ago that I wanted to share.

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