Night scope & IR videos (such as UFO Lou). Your best example in the genre?

Hi Gang,

For those familiar with UFO Lou's material or others using similar IR equipment, is there a video of his that you're drawn to or convinced by? If so, can you share it? When I first discovered UFO Lou and the others' clips I was astonished by almost all of them — until I realized the BatsBirdsBugs problem and ended up disregarding almost all of them.

Sometimes I feel like the turning & apparent movement is caused by the camera twisting as the object traces across the sky. Sometimes I also think that the editing process he uses introduces movement that isn't actually there.

Lately I've been taking another look at his stuff and kinda coming full circle. Full circle in that I think there MAY be something to his clips.

This one has always stood out to me. @25 seconds:

TR-3B or something like it? Maybe, maybe not but it sure seems exotic. He (and others) have shown more exotic things but I find that most can be explained or attributed to a recent launch, unspent tanks in decay orbit etc. That one stands out to me.

Any examples that you like, that you could share?


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