Massive orbiting object spotted in phoenix

last night, (september 15th 2018) at 7:45 PM i was outside with some friends in my driveway looking at the moon, jupiter, mars, saturn, and venus through my 6 inch dobsonian telescope when i saw an extremely large, and fast object in low-earth orbit. at first i thought it was the ISS, but the ISS was below the horizon at that time, and the inclinations didn't match. i instantly knew we were looking at something else. the object had an incredibly prominant orange hue to it, and was somewhere around 600 to 1,100 feet in diameter. i yelled "SATELLITE!" to get everybody to look at it so i wasn't the only one who saw it, and quickly aimed the telescope in the flight-path of the object and actually managed to get a brief look through the scope! it was very blurry, but what confused me about it was that the targeting sight was off-center at the time, and i usually had to manually locate celestial objects for a few minutes before i got a good look. but the fact that i saw the object instantly without having to fiddle with the allignment meant that it must've been massive in order for it to fill up the entire scope's vision. after i witnessed it transit in front of the telescope everybody yelled "its gone!" or "it vanished" and i caught a glimpse of it literally just dissapearing. anyway, it could be a ton of different things, it could be a satellite, it could be a small piece of space junk entering the atmosphere, it could actually be the ISS and im just an idiot, or it could be something else. anybody have any ideas?

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