Video of UFO †Orb While Filming Moon With Nikon P900 †18 Aug 2018

[embedded content]

I was filming the moon on the early evening of August 18th2018 with a Nikon P900 and captured this object slowly flying to the right.

It’s most easily seen on the left and then to the right of the moon several seconds later.

I didn’t see the object while filming.

After discovering the capture I researched several “moon” videos to see if anything else seen something similar. Some captured satellites. This is not a satellite. Satellites fly by much faster…within a second of time.

This object is on screen for around a minute and twenty seconds. I also checked software like Stellarium, etc. to see if there were any moon transits by satellites or debris at the time. I found nothing in our databases so far. Undeniably an object that is unidentified.

If anyone can find any official data of satellite or debris moon transits at 7:35pm on 18 Aug 18, looking from Los Angeles, please post the data.

Check out some of Crrow777 and Martin Stubbs captures…you’ll see some that look very similar. Thanks to them both for providing the references. And no…this is not fake or cgi. I have no idea how to produce images like this.

Thanks for taking a look.


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