Tell It To The Judge – Choose 1 Incident, 1 Pic, and 1 Film as exhibits of Best Evidence

The Judge and Jury are patiently waiting… and he’s a grumpy old sod, peering down at you over his spectacles with disdain and potential ridicule.

For some of you, the exhibits may ALL relate to the same case, or some other permutation and combination, but that’s up to you. Cool? Cool.

I’ll approach them first…

Exhibit 1: Best Incident

Rendlesham Forest, UK, 26th-28th Dec 1980

It was a close call but our dear old mate, Rendlesham Forest, wins for me. Still breathing after nearly 38 years – a new documentary ‘Capel Green’ is imminent; one personnel’s DNA was recently analysed; and TTSA are testing ‘material’ – this baby has it all. Often referred to as ‘Britain’s Roswell’, that may be a curse rather than a recommendation.

IN A NUTSHELL (for the full, epic journey, visit Mirageman’s Rendlesham thread): Covering three consecutive nights, we have statements from USAF personnel stationed at RAF Woodbridge, who, early on 26th Dec 1980, in response to a potential crashed aircraft, follow strange lights through a forest (possibly from a landed triangular object) until reaching a field where nothing but a lighthouse beam can be seen. The next night, a female lieutenant, so traumatised by a blue light that penetrates her vehicle, is taken off duty. Early on 28th, Colonel Halt, alerted to fresh lights, leads a search party, taking radiation readings and soil samples from a ‘landing site’. They witness various lights including a ‘blinking’ red orb that leads them to a field where it splits into three. Star-like objects then send down thin beams of light, possibly onto the USAF base. A tape recording, narrated by Halt, covers most of these events.

So far, so good. After gathering extra info not included in initial statements for the first night (eg, a ‘triangular craft’), Halt waits until 13th Jan 1981 to send a now-infamous memo to the Ministry Of Defence. Rather brief, dry and deliberately non-sensational, the memo remained a secret until 1983 when UK tabloid ‘The News Of The World’ broke the story.

What makes the case both fascinating and frustrating is: the non-disclosure until 1983; the lighthouse only being visible from the ‘landing site’ and not from the base where reported lights began the saga; the sheer quality of witnesses; but also the rivalry amongst them. Eg, Larry Warren either witnessed a spectacular event where the Base Commander greeted three light entities from a damaged craft that he agreed to repair(!), all recorded on film… or… he conflated others’ accounts and gossip, adding fancy décor to create a big fat lie (written up as ‘Left At East Gate’ (1997), now disowned by his co-author). Oddly, Warren’s tale matches gossip spread around local pubs shortly after the incident by a base member using a false name, often regarded as a disinformation agent, but WHY?

Airman John Burroughs (whose DNA was analysed) has this week retired from the case – a witness on the first but also the third night when he was allegedly bathed in a blue light after Halt (returning from the field) gave permission to pursue a blue orb. He was accompanied by Sgt Bustinza who is also crucial to Warren’s story! John, whose account has remained consistent, bemoans the first night’s co-witness Jim Penniston embellishing his story to include touching the craft and drawing alleged insignia in his notebook, as well as mentally ‘downloading’ and writing down binary codes – which all pointed to time-travellers from the future!

See what I mean? It’s all here! The Rendlesham Forest case is BIG, it’s unwieldy, it’s messy, and will probably endure so long as Charles Halt keeps saying unhelpful guff like this:

”Dude, I secretly KNOW this bitch is ALIEN, but I ain’t tellin’ y’all diddly-squat!”

Thanks, Chuck. Very helpful.

Exhibit 2: Best Photograph

Paul Trent, Sheridan, Oregon, 11th May 1950

Some may slap their heads, but the two infamous 1950 “Paul Trent” photographs (aka “McMinnville” albeit a geographical misnomer) stand the test of time for me, the above underside angle being my choice of pic for its sheer ‘weightiness’.

On 11th May 1950, at 19:30, Mrs Trent witnessed a metallic disc slowly gliding from the northeast. Her hubby took two shots before it sped off, but didn’t develop the film until finishing the roll. On 8th June, the front-page of the ‘Telephone Register’ newspaper screamed: “At long last – Authentic Photographs Of Flying Saucer?”

Interestingly, in 1997 the Trents admitted they suspected it was a military craft, worried that the Big Boys would throw them into a pit for taking pics. I can almost smell these babies are genuine, but as to what the mystery craft actually is, I can’t rule out a military angle. Speaking of which, could something like the experimental Avrocar VZ-9AV of the 1950s be a culprit…?…

An enlargement of Trent’s object from a second pic:

Hmmm, could be, could be… and if such US experiments were indeed the culprit, how many other 50s/60s sightings deserve a second chin-rub? Nevertheless, I can’t shake off my gut instinct that this is a genuine photograph of a real UFO, in the literal sense at least. For an epic Pro & Con rumble in the jungle about the pics, I recommend gortex’s 2009 thread:…

Exhibit 3: Best Film

The Kaikoura Lights, off South Island, New Zealand, 30th Dec 1978

[embedded content]

(If you want the full story, ziggystar60’s superb 10-year-old thread is a corker:…)

Mesmerising me as a kid, these anomalies began on 21st Dec 1978 when an Argosy cargo aircraft spotted a house-sized UFO with five white flashing lights flying alongside them, vanishing and reappearing at will and tracked by on-board radar as well as Wellington air traffic control. Intrigued, on 20th Dec, an Australian TV crew joined the aircraft on a flight to Christchurch to film a mini-report about the incident, not expecting to witness and film UFOs themselves! Various lights surrounded the Argosy, again tracked on radar, one light following them for most of the route until the Argosy landed at Christchurch.

As an unexpected bonus, taking off from Christchurch to Blenheim, at 2000 feet the TV crew were alerted yet again, managing to film a huge lighted orb that followed the aircraft for nearly 15 minutes, similarly tracked on radar. The rest is televisual history: genuine colour footage of a giant orb by a professional TV cameraman.

Now THAT is sexy, Judge – come on, give me a nod and a smile, you stiff schmuck!

“Contempt Of Court”? Whaaa? Nooooooooooooooooo…where are you taking me…….?!!!

Which three exhibits would YOU present to the grumpy old Judge and sceptical Jury?


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