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Hey everyone. This might be a longer post but I've been seeing things that I cannot explain and I'm trying to find some answers. This is a bit personal for me as well. I'm looking to discuss some first hand accounts and gather info just to have a broader baseline of knowledge to work from. I'm an astronomy student at a big research university and I've always been a very skeptical and scientifically minded person. I never bought into any UFO stuff due to the broad lack of evidence. It all seemed like hysteria… until a couple months ago when I noticed an out of place bright red star in Ursa Major. Myself and a friend watched as this this thing darted silently from spot to spot across the northern sky. Fast. Faster than any aircraft I've ever seen considering it was silent and would have had to have been quite far away if it was an aircraft. For about 3 minutes we watched it fly to a new spot, come to a stop, hold its position for maybe 30 seconds and then fly to a new place. We lost it after it drifted behind a hill and never returned. I've seen strange and even unexplainable things in the sky before but never on this level. As I mentioned i'm an astronomy guy focused on education and I've spent literally hundreds of hours looking at the night sky, so I have a pretty good understanding of how (conventional) aircraft behave and appear at night. This is just unlike anything I've ever experienced, and it's extremely distressing to me because the recognizability and learnability of the night sky is something I have grown to love and use as a personal anchor in the world. This Interloper destabilizes my understanding of the sky. What's more, I don't know who to seriously discuss this with. My astronomy and astrophysics friends just write this stuff off quickly or resign to a dismissive shrug. I honestly don't blame them which makes this even more difficult. I'm not jumping to any grand conclusions here, but I still cannot deny my own experience. This has been on my mind constantly since it happened so I figured I would come on this subreddit to ask for your own personal experiences. Specifically, any repeating factors between different sightings or events are of key interest to me. For example unexplained power loss, unusual helicopter presence in the area at the time of sighting, or even just basic similarities like objects of the same color or appearance being sighted in different instances.

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