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This has never happened before.

So a while back, I made this post.


It has been a while since the last time I saw one. This time, it was really baffling.

I looked outside my window and in the night sky, I saw the same kind of star. It was yellowish, and was unusually bright. It could not have been a normal star, all of the stars in the sky here merely look like white dots. This one, however shined with a little bit of a yellow glow and was damn bright.

It stood still for a moment for about a minute or two, before moving a bit quickly to the right. It then stopped, and I saw some aircraft coming up from the trees (trees were in the way) and it seemed to be moving towards my general direction but was also flying to the left. It blinked like a normal aircraft in the night sky.

HOWEVER, as I started to notice it, the yellowish bright star started to move to the right again, this time, some sort of aircraft-structure became apparent and the bright star was a part of it, it literally looked like the structure slowly appeared out of nowhere. They both were moving in opposite directions and blinked similarly (lights in similar spots on the aircrafts and two red lights). I could've sworn I saw some sort of triangular structure, kind of like how the Phoenix Lights were depicted? I thought "It could just be the wings of an airplane" but I don't think there was a body part of the airplane, where passengers are.

Airplanes wouldn't have their lights off in the night sky, they need to signal to other aircrafts that they are there, just like how radio towers also have red blinking lights. The lights just randomly turned on as the yellowish star also slowly faded into a less bright dot.

I heard what sounded a bit like an airplane, but that sound quickly went away and the two possible UFOs kept flying around the sky as if they were wandering?

I have absolutely no idea what the hell this is, this never happened before. The yellowish star(s) would always just fade away while moving and not come back. Any ideas?

They could possibly be planes or other specific air-crafts, I have no idea.

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