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Report: Unsure of what I just saw. Like a star turning on briefly then back off.

I am in Missouri and was headed east on Hwy 44 just west of Rolla. It was exactly 6:20AM. The sun hasn't broken horizon yet and the majority of the sky was still dark. So during that drive every morning I spend a lot of time looking at the sky. I was driving along when something cut on what I would describe as looking like a star turning on briefly (this is what grabbed my attention) and no longer than I got focus of it it shut off like a flashlight going out. No clouds. No stars in the sky what so ever. It would have been pretty high up and distant. I am guessing from the horizon it would have been at about a 55 to 60 degree angle where I noticed this. My first thought was maybe a plane and the sun not yet up was reflecting on it causing it to flash. But growing up near an airport my entire life I am pretty used to what that looks like and it didn't look like this to me. Any ideas on what it is I most likely saw? The light was not faint at all. It was very bright almost white no twinkling at all.

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