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Where ATIP Meets SkinWalker and Experiencers Plus Missing 411

I thought it might be interesting to try and piece together some of the stories, anecdotes and evidence we’ve had from a number of sources in the past few years.I’ll preface this though, by saying I’m a skeptic. I don’t really buy into this. It is interesting though to ponder.

So let’s see what we can put together from our bag of jigsaw pieces.


Tom DeLonge calls them the ‘others’, as does Grant Cameron.
AATIP seemed to call them UAPs.

We might also call them SkinWalkers. We don’t have a name for the culprit in missing 411, and I’m certain that many of the culprits are sex offenders. Some however, might be something else.The experiencer groups seem to refer to them as ‘the others’.

We know AATIP was sabotaged by people who felt that the program might be investigating Satan. Of course, we are also left with the interdimensional and extra terrestrial hypotheses, as well as native species here, or even a variant of human!


TTSA – Little gods manipulating human balance of power on Earth.
Skinwalkers – can cloak themselves, seem to appear through portals. Can mind control. Usually invisible apart from FLIR. Likes cows.
Missing411 – victims moved large distances. Clothes inside out – a typical abduction phenomena. Goes after genetic outliers and high achievers.
AATIP – ability to cloak. Invisible apart from FLIR
Experiencer group – Targets victims bases on genetic propensity for novel abilities and enhanced intelligence.

TTSA – Engages in fake crashes to “gift” technology
Skinwalkers – Prefer remote locations with few humans, magnetic anomalies. 37-38th parallel focussed? Cattle.
Missing411 – Wilderness / Mountain ranges. Remote.
AATIP – Move in fleets from bases on earth. Seem to be near islands and ocean.
Experiencer group – Military bases.

TTSA -Since 1947.
Skinwalkers – hundreds of years old. Events seem random and unrepeating
Missing411 – unknown how long. Events seem random, but a clear preference for certain states
ATIP – Since 1947, seems to be increasingly targeting military events and locations. Inherent bias caused by study criteria though.
Experiencers. Hard to say? Since the golden age of UFOs, or since spiritualism?

TTSA -Disrupt the balance of power.
Skinwalkers – Generate fear
Missing411 – Interest in individuals
ATIP -Unknown
Experiencers. Interest in certain individuals

Shared Elements

– Cloaking
– Magnetic anomalies
– Perceived portals
– Remote locations
– Machinery / AI
– High performing individuals and those with genetic issues
– Ability to create delusions

What if all these things are one thing? A small but organised group that can cloak in visible light, but not IR. Sticking to remote spots to reduce chance of detection. With an ability to “possess” humans, or attach to them like parasites. Using machinery to create illusions to keep us from noticing them.


Was the cold war a result of conscious manipulation by the others? If so were the 60s a watershed moment where it lost control to a degree, perhaps due to Psilocybin, ‘___’ and other hallucinogenic substances?

Can this phenomena take over or posses those investigating? Are these controlled the real ones responsible for mutilations, strange pranks and investigations going no where?

One final question, can anybody answer this?

Are humans able to perceive IR wavelengths on some subconscious level?

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