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“Broad Band Warfare”

The Real Chinese Military-Industrial Strategy Revealed


Methinks that We the People need to educate ourselves as to the real nature of the Chinese Military Industrial Complex.  Yes, the have one too!  The Chinese don’t  have just “deep state,” The Chniese leadersip runs a “Dark State” that goes beyond the understanding of America’s so-called “Deep State.” 

After reading this, you may begin to understand why 2 years ago I would have called it the American “Deep Asleep State.”  However, the last presidential election has changed all geopoliticl equations and a new awareness is dawning on the American people, if not yet inside the intransigent “Deep Asleep State.”  May I add that real intelligence always flows from the people to the government, almost never the other way around.

The Chinese Dark State is so secret, so devious, so profound, and so abstruse to Western minds that the bureaucratic mindset of the our American “Deep State” and their Mockingbird news media that they cannot fathom the depths to which this diabolical military-industrial menace will sink, and has already sunk to destroy the United States’ by steadily underminng US influence and positions around the world.   

Geopolitically, Communist China seeks in short order to dominate and exploit the South China Sea to control South Asia while bullying and antagonizing all countries who may lay rightful claims to the South China Sea in accordance with international maritime law, also known as “The Law of the Sea.”

Since the early 1990s, China has been conducting a clandestine science and technology war against the U.S. by engaging in a broad sprectrum of activities from industrial spying to patent theft, and software piracy.

Through these tactics, China has sought and continues to seek to sabotage our economy, all the while misleading the West as to their true intentions and hiding ulterior motives.  China has been conducting covert war on us for 20 years or more.

China has been conducting a complex covertwar plan that combines economic, scientific, technological, social, cybernetic and military warfare against America and its people on everyl level of competion, hecnce the the term they coined for it called “Broad Band Warfare.” By using surrogates to attack the US homeland and US interests and bases abroad, China andher surrogates have goaded the U.S. military into misadventures that have resulted in long wars of attrition that NO Single foreign power fighting alone could ever hope to win in the Middle East (without resort to tactical nuclear weapons).

Over the past 2 decades, while duplicitously preaching peace, economic prospertity and cooperation, China has been seeding chaos around the world, fostering crime, drug smuggling and vice along and across our Southern border with Mexico, which is another narco-terrorist state that is complicit with China in undermining our sovereignty and trying to erode the territorial integrity of the United States.

China is the greatest and most oppressive terrorist state that the world has ever seen.  Even as I write these words, Google engineers in San franciso and around the globe are aiding China in the development, installation, and integration (through Artificial Intelligence) of the worst, most intrusive, and pervasive police surveillance state  the world has ever seen.  American corporations like Google, Twitter,Youtube and others are complicit with China in their collective drive to construct the infrastructure and architecture of a global police state, but that Google -China surveillance system would be “global” only when, if, and AFTER China destroys the United States. 

A Tricky Geopolitical Balancing Act Ends in Success

Kim Jung Un and Donald Trump End the 68-year long Korean War in June 2018

An inception of the process of denuclearization has begun, political prisoners were released, dead servicemen’s remains returned home for burial.  All clear signs of hope for a “Trust but Verify”  stabilization of relations with North Korea.  However, that minor shift in  thawing of US-DPK relations has proven quite unsettling to the Chinese leadership. Kim Jung Un’s North Korea is no longer behaving like the rabid pitbull that has always  been on the end of a long Chinese leash since his grandfather’s time, and always “pulled from Peking.”

However, with a new President in the White House exploring and expounding a new world view, one which has changed the parameters of the United States’ strategic and military relationship with North Korea’s Kim Jun Un, there may still be hope that we may avert the Coming of …

“Tai Chi War”

On China’s Invisible “Slow Motion War” Against the Western Powers

Communist China has been conducting a long, secret and transparent “Slow Motion War” against the United States actively since 1999.  In the mid 1990s, China began a mad dash to advance in 10 years what would sshould hve taken 20 to catch up with the US.  That rush to catch up was infused in the Chinese leadership by the Chinese military-industrial complex.  A deicision wasmade to mobilize their society to strive to catch pup with America in every field by hook and by crook. 

Encouraged by the Clitntpon, the Chinese plans advanced from planning stages to inception.   Clinton allowed China to   that was first facilitated and then spurred by the Clinton-Gore Administration between 1993 and the Year 2000.  One could quite rightly call it “Tai Chi War,” named after the ancient form of Chinese martial arts.

This is How it Happened


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