APB regarding the recent San Diego lights/UFO

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This local news video/article mentions these drills aren't over yet and that residents can be expected to see them again for the next few nights. Anyone in the area should make it a point to get ready, break out dedicated video cameras and preferably tripods, in addition to shooting with smartphones. Let's see if what may yet appear on these subsequent nights looks like last night's event, or not. If nothing else the videos may make great IFO (identifiable flying/floating/falling object) video reference material. I'd be ready to do it myself, but I rather suspect I won't be seeing anything from Indiana…

As a bonus, should the lights appear again in a similar fashion to last night, with a couple somewhat precise locations and compass headings the location could easily be triangulated to confirm where about they are. But would need at least two of said location and headings to do this, more preferably.

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