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Cluster of beautiful lights hovering around us, Rio Grande Gorge, New Mexico 2008

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So I wanted to share this here. I have been meaning to write about this experience for a while, I've had about ten years to process it. This was my first experience with, what I guess are "UFOs" but I'm really not sure what they were.

I live in New Mexico. As many of y'all know we got kind of a reputation for this kinda shit, its true, but what I saw was not metallic or solid, I didn't see any "alien greys" or any bullshit like that, I just saw lights. Lights that could fade in and out of existence at its own will, change colors, and increase in luminosity so bright it left tracers in your eyes, and was hard to look at directly.

So here's what happened, and forgive any grammatical errors I'm not the best writer but I want to share this and hear any similar experiences of these "orbs" or feedback on what you think they might be…

So I'm working late night at the restaurant/cafe in Arroyo Seco. Where I live in Taos New Mexico, we are a town right on the edge of the Sangre De Cristo mountains at an elevation of 7200, and then it just drops into the western desert very dramatically so the view of the horizon to west, is simply epic. You can see for 80, perhaps 100 miles. Its just me and my boss closing up, and I ask her for a ride home to Des Montes down the road. As we're driving, looking west toward the Rio Grande canyon gorge we see the light. Waayy the fuck out there, but it wasn't a plane or nothing, it was this real bright light that was descending and disappeared into the ground, or the canyon, way off on the mesa. We both look at eachother and flip out, deciding we are gonna go out there.

So we drive out there, takes about 20-25 minutes or so to descend into the desert mesas, and we end up at the gorge bridge. The gorge bridge in Taos is a 650 foot high bridge, its pretty epic with an amazing view of the Rio Grande below. So we get there and the sun is down theres just a glow of red from the horizon, we think maybe that was a plane landing after all, there is an airport nearby.

Then we see the lights. I am trying my hardest to remember but I believe there were two of them at this point. They are these lights… like I don't know how to describe these fucking things but they were just balls of light!! And they are floating around only 25-50 yards from us IN the canyon!! We were basically astonished at that point and could only say, "What.. what? What am I looking at" Almost like our brains were trying to rationalize something that made absolutely no sense. There were none of these crazy drones like they got now in 2008, and these weren't anything conventional. Like I said. Just light.

We watch them for another 5 minutes or so moving around the canyon and it became apparent that they were aware of us. They moved a little bit closer and were flashing at each other almost like they were communicating or something? At this point it is dark so when cars come over the bridge every 5 minutes or so they would TURN OFF, though you could still see a pinprick of light where they were, anyone passing by would not have seen them. This is what leads me to believe they were aware of us and somehow cool with us watching them. My boss and I were still not really able to speak coherent sentences and we were just in this trance, watching these beautiful things. I did notice that they would respond to us talking though through flashes of light. Like if we made a comment on how they were dimming or fading out they would flash and get really bright, and then go back down again.

What happened next was profound… Man, and I am not making this shit up and got a witness to back me up, and I KNOW some of yall out there have seen these things too. so I really don't care if those who haven't seen it themselves, or are skeptical of everything, say that I'm lying. I got no reason to make some bullshit story on Reddit I got kids, a great life in a beautiful place with sick snowboarding I have no reason to make bullshit stories up.. this was a huge part in shaping who I am today so I gotta share it… Okay I digress… So..

The two lights then began splitting into fours. so now theres four of these fucking things, all different colors, flashing at eachother. About a minute later, the four split into eight. Not all at once, one at a time, but pretty soon theres EIGHT of these things just hovering and at this point it was almost too much for me but I really knew I was witnessing something beautiful, some once in a lifetime shit right here, and I remember smiling and tears coming to my eyes because it was just so beautiful. They were all different hues, and still "communicating" at eachother through flashing, and every time a car would pass the bridge they would turn off and then slowly fade back in and resume their show.. I assumed whatever they were, they were definitely showing off for us…

After about a half hour or so they began to dim down and some of them were fading out… we could still see them but they were really dim and starting to move away… like they got bored or something and decided we had seen enough. We got back in the suby and left, not even speaking, just smiling, like this was some shit straight out of a movie and we got to experience it. The next day at work I fucked up by telling people, and I got my first real lesson after seeing UFOs YOU DONT GO AROUND TELLING PEOPLE. People just look at you like you're fucking nuts. I mean some of our close friends were very interested, but I was so excited, I had just witnessed something that changed everything and I thought everyone wanted to know about it! Turns out I was wrong.

this experience opened up a pandoras box for me and led to a severe mindfuck for about a year. I rarely speak about it anymore, only with close friends, other witnesses. Those who have seen these things know what I mean, it just takes too fucking much explanation, or energy, to go out there and tell people who don't necessarily need to know. Most people simply don't care. And so many people have their own explanations even though they weren't there, it's mindblowing, like for real motherfucker you're gonna tell me what I saw?? so I just stick to my own and remember this experience I had with deep affection.. and these "entities" whatever the fuck they were.

That night, January 28th, 2008 changed my life forever. Thanks for reading I hope I didn't go off too much with the wordiness, but I appreciate your patience! and hope to hear some responses or anyone who can relate to this experience… Much love yall!


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