ufo sighting ? has anyone seen something like this

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gonna try to explain this in much detail as i can. we’re nearing the annual perseids shower so ive been walking my dog in the early morning (about 2am) to catch a glimpse of the stars while my neighbors house lights are mostly all off. i saw some pretty nice shooting stars and while im staring into the sky i see a bright white flash not far out of my focus so i look to see what it is, there’s this thing that looks like a star but is moving across the sky like a satellite, and then fades out of view in a second, then comes back in another second in a different spot but is moving the same direction and is in and out of view moving across the sky farther and farther until it gradually just fades away. never experienced anything that i couldnt explain like that, anyone else have a similar experience or know what it was?

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