Space Force

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For decades disparate military and intelligence programs across a multitude of branches and agencies of the US government have studied the UFO phenomena to mixed success. The evidence is often credible, voluminous and highly classified, but forgotten, under-analyzed and infrequently shared among agencies. I'm not of belief we have bodies hidden in the desert or anything quite so direct – yet. Various black projects have studied bits and pieces and intelligence agencies have clearly been pushing us toward soft disclosure for years, but there is a very real fear at the highest levels about how far this thing goes, what it really means and just what the hell do we do about it. The US government simply lacks overarching investigatory leadership to fully address and understand this phenomena in its entirety.

Enter Space Force.

On paper, Space Force is a completely unnecessary and unwanted layer of beaurocracy for the Pentagon. The Air Force, NRO and so forth cover its proposed "mission" just fine. Despite public objections many in the Pentagon DO want this new, mysterious organizational layer. It provides perfect cover for what will be potentially the greatest discovery in human history: confirmation of advanced alien life and, more importantly, understanding incredibly advanced technology. In reality this new and hugely funded branch will operate massive black budgets to centralize observational data, study the phenomena and develop a response under one unified umbrella. All under the safe and secret cloak of "national security".

What will those findings be? What will be our response? How will our visitors perceive these actions?

I certainly don't know but it keeps me up at night.

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