Italy sighting, circa 2008. Anyone with a similar experience?

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First off, I'll go straight to the point and recount my experience.

Back in the summer of 2008/2009 I used to love stargazing with a friend of mine. One night, I saw something totally out of the ordinary. There were 3 lights, positioned as they were at the vertexes of a triangle. The three lights were spinning in circle, very slowly at first, and then very fast. After a second, their spinning sped up, and they blasted off until they disappeared. It looked like that "whooshing" effect that accompanies the Enterprise whenever it warps. It was pretty resemblant of what you'd see in any science fiction movie.

I was paralyzed. The whole scene took place in a handful of seconds, and as I turned to my friend to ask her if she had seen anything, she said that she hadn't. I told her "Well, I think I saw something…", but I didn't have the strength to tell her what exactly. She laughed uncomfortably and said that I was scaring her. I brushed it off, saying it was probably something irrelevant.

To this day, I still think back to that moment. Every once in a while I would browse the internet or look up blogs and sites to look if anyone saw anything similar. The "3 rotating lights" seem to have been spotted by some other people, but they never talk about the "speeding off into space" part.

I'm turning to reddit now, wanting to share this experience and hoping to discuss it with whoever's interested!

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