Green beam… not sure what it was?

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So, since I was a kid I've tried to find someone with a similar experience to me… haven't found a person so far. These social media/forum platforms didn't exist so much then so I'm trying again now. As I'm curious to whether I was hallucinating or not!?!? I don't think I was. I was about 18/19 years old, so 10 years ago now but I remember it as clear as the night it happened and I've wrote it down on paper so many times… I was in my room about to go to sleep, but I was relaxing for a bit before I shut my eyes, so I must've been in bed for about 1 minute, I didn't even feel tired. I was looking up at my ceiling and all of a sudden, reaching from ceiling to floor a vertical luminous green beam that had blurred edges but was dense in colour, came out of nowhere and instantly started rotating around the walls. It was about a foot wide and would keep rotating at the same speed, which was fairly quick.. it would rotate around glued to the walls, it wasn't going behind me though as it passed the corner of the room I was in, it would light over my quilt and pass over my bed instead of the wall behind me. Sounds stupid I know but I'm adamant I wasn't asleep, I could even hear my parents still talking in the living room underneath me as it was happening. I remember looking around my room trying to find where the light came from, I looked towards my window, curtains were closed, nothing was shining in. I looked at my old school hifi, pc, tv for any flashing stand-by lights, nothing there. I was puzzled but fully at ease. As I was searching around my room it was moving around still, I could see it out the corner of my eye. It went on for about 3 full minutes. Felt a while really. I feel cheesy for saying this but it's part of my experience …. there was a sound to it… Like a whooshing noise when it came near me but it was mainly a vibrating, low tone. Hard to explain in a way. If anyone that's had a similar experience I'd love to know! Or if anyone has any questions go ahead. I really am not sure what happened that night. I wasn't intoxicated, never took any pills for sleep and don't have any mental health issues as far as I'm aware lol. Thanks for reading if you made it this far.

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