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Spherical UFOs Are Roaming The Sierra Nevada Mountains

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In our latest video Tracey and Tim and visit a location where an individual spotted orange orbs earlier the same day in California. Our investigators attempt to see the same phenomenon and hopefully document evidence of the occurrence using night vision, optical cameras, and more.

The UFO witness, a lady named Tabitha, spotted the orbs flying through the Kern River Canyon while driving home to Weldon, CA. Weldon is located just west of Lake Isabella. Tabitha had departed Bakersfield.

Orange orbs are very common in this area, meaning something WEIRD is happening in these mountains. We’ve documented evidence of this from a submission sent to us from Tehachapi, CA. Also in 2017 we photographed a spherical object near the Johnsondale Bridge while sky-watching on Sherman Peak.

Spherical UFOs Are Roaming The Sierra Nevada Mountains

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