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WHAT is being escorted? Real or CGI?

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In viewing YouTube videos I came across the first one, below, and the opening sequence got my attention, see photo 1 which I’ve lightened to show the detail that’s not visible in the video. And since one can find photos & videos of jets and helicopters seemingly escorting what could be described as UFOs, the photos/videos have to be creations for what is shown has to be unbelievrablel. I watched the rest of the video and I agreed with the comments, it was good CGI.

I watched the 2nd video and, again, the opening sequence is similar, but this time military jets are seen escorting a bizarre flying object that is seen slowly spinning. Again, the rest of the video seems to also be CGI. But I’m not saying it, others are doing so. Are the 2 opening sequences the result of CGI? I’m not easily taken and this could be one of those cases. Straighten me out.

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