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Is there a pseudo religious connection to the TTS and Tom DeLonge disclosures?

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If you've not yet read the write up from u/kiwibonga regarding DeLonges prior interview you should go do that now.

I was struck by many of the points… that they sounded familiar (paraphrased below)

-we will be shocked to find out who the players are, seemingly that we already know them or they are public figures

-lots of pseudo religious connotation denoting a higher level of consciousness

-challenges us to "be mature about it" and not to believe internet sources citing alien elitism, globalism, etc

-hollywood/entertainer as a rep for this organization is stating that he was able to convince said group that they essentially needed better branding or repackaging to roll their ideas out to a bigger audience

-states known religions were created to divide humanity but people "in the inner circle" know better, hence are not religious

-quote "it's all the lead scientist wants to talk about"

-once we know better we will be free and clear

Reading through the interview points (I have not listened to it myself) I had a nagging feeling that this seemed a bit familiar, especially that last point.

You all are much more educated and well read than myself in these matters so I'm asking this group: Is there any known connection with anyone in or associated with TTS to Scientology?

I hope this is not where this is heading but I have to ask.

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