High Strangness in Cleveland Ohio

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7/20/2018 2:39am cleveland ohio.

While leaving my girlfriends work with two other people we heard what sounded like helicopters in the sky coming from the south and heading towards lake erie, once they were closer we realized it was not helicopters and the sound then became a mildly loud static ringing sound. As it passed above i noticed one light in front and two lights behind the front light about 150 ft apart, but you could not make out a body to the craft at all. It was almost as if it was a cloaking device. It was crystal clear out and you could see a few planets. Not to mention this craft was flying what seemed to be only 500 ft above us and was going very slow. There were no lights to the sides indicating wings of any sort. You could see no hull or anything. The lights were not colored in any way, just light. You could tell it was large, possibly cigar in shape but with some sort of cloaking mechanism. All 4 of us were pretty shocked at what we were looking at, all trying to figure out just what in the hell it was. It was not traveling towards an air field(was not heading towards burke lakefront either).

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