Anybody knowledgeable on The Black Vault FOIA strategy?

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perhaps u/blackvault will weigh in here. But regardless, I heard some interview or podcast as this process was being explained. In effect, it was stating that pursuing UFO information via FOIA was not a waste of time. Meaning that it seems everything would just be buried but the assertion was that even highly classified material eventually loses classified status and becomes available to FOIA requests.

My questions:

Does every classified document have a sunset on its classified status? If so, why? If the material is so sensitive why is it not simply "classified forever"?

What is the typical sunset on a classified document? Does it vary one to the next? Is it typically, say, 50 years?

If classified info is indeed declassifying on a "schedule" of sorts, does that mean that as a population we are having an "informed" discussion about UFOs as though we are all in 1950? Do we need to live until 2070 to have an informed conversation about the state of things today?

Is the Black Vault aware of upcoming sunsets on documents? Do they send off a FOIA like day and date of these documents becoming available for such?

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