popular opinion of The Phoenix Lights incident makes everyone look kinda dumb

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Perhaps I am going out on a limb, but do most of you truly think that the Phoenix Lights incident had something to do with aliens?

That's seriously the dumbest thing I have ever heard in relation to UFO sightings.

Rendlesham Forest incident….I have no possible explanation for. That's a true mystery. There are tons of others….all those nuclear base related things.

But Phoenix? Seriously? Like aliens decided to just do a slow cruise through a whole state on a clear night when people would most certainly be outside looking up at the sky at the comet. Every witness statement seems to describe exactly what it was: A Skunkworks stealth blimp using active camoflauge on the underside of the craft. The sound of the propulsion comes off as "silent" because the sound is directed to the top side of the craft. The entire bottom of the craft is basically a high-resolution LED screen depicting a very similar color to the sky behind it, because it is basically a massive tv monitor.

Seriously? aliens? Just stupid, man. I don't get it how so many people think that it's such a mystery. There's even a film about it! It annoys me like it annoys me that anyone would vote for Donald Trump.

I'm sure it was incredible to see at the time. Anything you don't understand is incredible to see. Skunkworks stuff is pretty incredible. What better way to test a surveillance craft than to fly it over the biggest city in the United States closest to Nellis AFB during the clearest of nights during which tons of people would most assuredly be outside? Let's see what happens! It was so obviously Skunkworks or Phantomworks or whatever the other thing is called. Seriously, anyone who thinks Phoenix Lights was an alien craft needs their head examined. Does the "military flares" exercise that happened hours later have anything to do with it? I have no idea. Maybe? Who cares, really. All I know is that it's incredibly idiotic IMHO to think that the actual craft sightings were anything but an extremely well-organized black project exercise. It sure did seem to work! I'm sure they won a contract of some sort based on that real-world performance. It's incredibly valuable to be able to convince that many people that you are flying a huge chevron shaped silent craft over a city. If aliens have ever visited the Earth, it definitely was not on that night. Phoenix got punked. Sorry, SKUNKED. They got Skunkworks-ed. That night in 1997 was for people like SecureTeam youtube channel.

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