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Fairy light? UFO?

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I posted this in r/paranormal but maybe this is a better place to try to find answers

Tonight I saw something I cannot explain. I’ve always been interested in the paranormal and have seen one UFO previously but tonight was very odd. We live in the country in an old farmhouse and two nights ago my husband came in saying he had spent the last several minutes watching a strange light over the tops of the trees. He thought it a drone at first but when he shone his flashlight at it it sank below the horizon.

Tonight he called me outside and I got to see it. You’d almost think it a star on the horizon because of the brightness. But it moved, bobbing up and down and side to side sometimes quite strongly. I’ve never heard of any mechanical thing that can do that. Several times it sank below the tree line when a car came down our road but it would come back up.

Aside from the bizarre movements, the thing that seemed most odd was the dizzy sensation I felt when I stared really hard at it while it moved. It stopped when I looked away. My husband said he felt the same the first time he saw it, like something was going to happen but he wasn’t sure what. He also said he felt it was watching him that first time. Does anyone have any experience with such a thing? We’re trying to guess here. I don’t think it’s a will’o the wisp, there’s no swamp nearby, and it was too high in the sky. The light was quite steady, didn’t flicker or blink. It was the strangest thing I’ve ever seen.

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