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note: I removed the email aliases… though anyone with Facebook can find this post as of the time I am writing this

McConnell, Kirk (Armed Services) <>


Jun 25 at 6:08 AM

Kevin: My name is Kirk McConnell. I work on the staff of the Senate Armed Services Committee. We have been researching the 2004 Nimitz incidents, and have met with two of the F-18 pilots multiple times. We heard about you last week. It would be great if you could meet with our staff to tell your story. Are you anywhere close to DC or do you have any reason to travel to DC on other business? We don’t have a subscription to Coast-to-Coast – can you send me a transcript or the video of the interview? Have you otherwise published a full account of what happened from your vantage point in ’04?

Best, Kirk

This was posted today onto a Phenomenon-related Facebook group that I am a part of. Take it for what you will, but this is potentially "big if true."

Happy Monday!

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