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What Did I See This Afternoon?

Posted On By skvaller

It was about 4pm. I was in the back yard floating on my back in my little pool. Clear day. Suddenly a very, very small white dot appears directly straight above me. It didn't move, or if it did it was hard to say, because it blinked in and out of visibility.

I thought it appeared to blink in and out at different locations, kind of darting very briefly. But none of the reappearances were very far off from the disappearance. Sometimes the disappearance was sudden, sometimes it just faded and popped up. I couldn't tell the direction of travel if there was one direction. If it was moving in a general direction, it was doing so very very slowly.

I floated there and watched it disappear and reaper for a good five minutes or more. My wife had gone inside but I wanted her to come out and see so I turned my head to the house to get her attention. When I turned back I could not locate it again. That's how tiny it was.

I checked the iss website and it's not visible where I am today.

I'm guessing it was a satellite probably, but the way it was white and not shiny at all, and the way it was always in roughly the same place has me wondering.

Any ideas?

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