The Decline of Roswell – So Many Missed the Point

Over the last several days I have received a number of comments, privately, about my post, “The Decline of Roswell.” What is disturbing about it is that many people missed the most important part. They focused on the statement by Colonel Howard McCoy to The Science Advisory Board about his wishing one would crash. But, […]

If Greer and others can “summon UFOs”…

Why can’t they get them to come close and land or close enough to take photos or video or even see them via telescope? Really he is a massive fraudster and others like home. They truly hurt the ufo community IMO and people should oust them. submitted by /u/dondonchacha [link] [comments]

UFO Sighting? I’m shook.

I live on top of a hill right outside of downtown in a small city in Georgia (US). The story I am about to tell is 100% true and accurate as I objectively remember the course of events two nights ago. I also preface this with the fact that I am not a superstitious, religious, […]